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I am the artist who likes airbrush sensibility and hiperrealism. My name is Dino Idrizbegovic and I live and work in Zagreb, Croatia. I tried a lot of different painting techniques and discovered that pencil and airbrush satisfies my taste the best. Using these two tools I can achieve a good combination of sharpness, color and volume. The initial preoccupation of my art was Science Fiction.
To overcome the fact that SF illustration scene is almost nonexistent in my country I started to paint the portraits. That shift helped me to discover that
I can enjoy doing any job that have to do with realistic expression. Due to the recent situation in my country and a massive preoccupation of publishers with a politics I was sort of caught in a political illustration but very soon find a satisfaction in enriching such a subject with my hiperrealistic skills.
Today I work mostly for a weekly newspapers. One of my latest artistic interests is also Erotic Art. My interest in erotic illustration was provoked by the work of very fine French artist by the name of Aslan. I admire his perfection very much. Erotic fine artists of these days like Hajime Sorayama and Olivia De Berardinis continue to reinforce my enthusiasm and admiration.
I worked for quite a number of clients such as: "Nedjeljna Dalmacija" (newspapers), "Tjednik" (weekly magazine), "Imperial" (newspapers), "Banka" (economy monthly), Kviskoteka (enigmatic weekly), "Sirius", "Futura" and "Hacker" (sci-fi, computer magazines) "Zagraf" (book publisher) just to mention the few. All those are Croatian publishers and I hope that this presentation on the Internet will enable me to add some other (international) names to this list.
Also I had a few exhibitions at the places like "Gavela theater", "Stjepan Radic gallery", "Mladost d.d." and gallery "Permanenta" in Zagreb. Trying to compare my and a quality of other European illustrators I usually visit some international airbrush shows and in 1999 on the "First Italian Airbrush Convention" in Milan I won the first place in the category of illustration. I intend to sell my paintings in the form of originals and I am also available for the orders (from a photo) be it pin-up, portrait or else. Also anybody who wants to communicate about my art can reach me via e-mail on Idrizbeg@postmaster.co.uk



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